Stockpile Volume Analysis

With the use of our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, we are able to gather highly detailed and precise measurements and in turn provide accurate volume calculations for stockpiles. This non-invasive analysis is safe and allows a company to continue to operate as normal. Our drones can collect data in hours what a manned crew would in days. This benefits corporations by providing a transparent evaluation of inventory levels for financial reports and provides data to help manage purchasing and stock logistics.

Land Survey

With the use of geo-referenced imaging and elevation data, Topview Inspection can provide high quality aerial mapping that exceeds that of common methods. With a special colour gradient overlay system to help readers of the report understand the significance of certain geographical features. This is a very cost-effective and superior alternative to the traditional methods.

Infrared Thermography

Our UAV’s are equipped with the latest innovative technology to provide imaging solutions that were previously mostly ground based imaging. We provide effective leak detection imaging, heat loss analysis for residential commercial and industrial properties at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods. These analytics are used for comprehensive reports outlining key issues while providing innovative solutions per client basis.

Aerial Photography

Get the most out of your property or event with UAV cinematography. We provide the highest quality professional aerial photography and video editing services. Perfect for real estate promotions and specialized web based or television based advertisements. Please let our team of professionals curate a perfect video solution exact to your specifications.

Aerial Inspection

Using aerial drones to visually inspect tall or difficult to reach structures as an alternative to traditionally expensive and dangerous work. Our drones are equipped with ultra high-resolution cameras to capture high-quality photos and videos to provide data to assess the structural integrity without ever leaving the ground. This process is highly beneficial as it saves time, the process requires only a few hours, and also inexpensive compared to alternative methods.

Emergency Response

Topview Inspection has the capabilities to assist emergency response personnel with a bevy of items. From non-invasive crime-scene investigations, to traffic accident reporting, to search and rescue missions. Our UAV is equipped with the best in new technology to perform tasks that will not contaminate crime scenes and could ultimately save a life. Please let us know if we can help your emergency response team.